Oilfield Division
Sand control is critical to oil and gas production in many producing formations where sand can hinder well performance. Sand control problems can result in reduced or lost production, equipment repair or replacement, and the costs incurred with sand disposal and removal. Mitchell Industries has been an industry leader in the sand control and screen business since 1976. Mitchell Industries' Oilfield Division specializes in gravel packing, wedge wire sand screens, gravel pack tool rentals, and fluid filtration systems. We offer the experience and equipment needed to control sand in cased hole, open hole, slim hole, deviated and horizontal wells, disposal wells, water flood and air injection wells, and municipal water wells.

Our fully trained and knowledgeable staff of service engineers are dedicated to providing you with expert planning advice, consultation, and job design. Mitchell sand control services begin by running an analysis of a sand sample from the producing reservoir to ensure accurate particle size distribution. Once the particle size is identified, the design of all downhole equipment can begin. Mitchell Industries provides specialized tooling and equipment for screen installation and gravel pack procedures, including conventional, wash-down, gravel pack packers, and cross-over tool methods.

Mitchell Industries manufactures its Accu-Weld™ screen products on site in our custom screen plant. We also house a full machine shop, which enables us to produce all the necessary tools and equipment needed for our sand control services.

Mitchell Industries has a fleet of trailer mounted gravel pack units for land use, as well as skid units for offshore and inland barge work. We also design and manufacture screen assemblies to be installed during thru tubing gravel pack completions.

In an effort to provide a more comprehensive range of sand control services, Mitchell Industries has entered into a working partnership with Legacy Well Services. Together, M.I. and L.W.S. now possess the experience and equipment necessary to perform continuous and high-rate gravel pack completions. Through our partnership, M.I. and L.W.S. hope to meet the gravel pack needs of our industry with an unparalleled commitment to operational excellence, quality products, and customer service. For more information regarding our combined services, please contact an M.I. or L.W.S. representative.
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