The Importance of Sand Control

Sand control operations are measures taken to prevent the migration of formation sand into the wellbore during petroleum production. Sand production occurs in unconsolidated sandstone reservoirs that experience mechanical failures and/or are exposed to frictional drag forces from produced or injected fluids. Each year the petroleum industry expends vital resources on issues related to sand production, costing operators worldwide time and money. The most common sand production issues are equipment repair/replacement, reduced or lost production, and the cost associated with sand removal and disposal.

Now more than ever operators are charged with mitigating risks, reducing costs, and improving well performance. Partner with a provider that has stood behind their quality service and products for more than 40 years.

Mitchell Industries’ Sand Control Services provide a solution to a wide range of sand control challenges. M.I. offers turnkey sand control solutions through analysis, completion design, screen manufacturing, and screen-only & gravel pack installations. We provide dedicated equipment and services for single and multi-zone gravel pack completions, high-rate water packs, open hole gravel packs, and horizontal screen-only completions. We begin with an analysis of the reservoir sand and well conditions to determine the proper completion design for each well. After the particle size distribution of the reservoir sand is confirmed, we will recommend the optimum screen selection for your application. M.I. provides specialized downhole and surface equipment including: well screens, gravel pack packers, crossover tools, Mitchell “L” Isolation Packers, gravel pack pumping units, and fluid filtration systems. Our services are customized to each individual well and reservoir requirements, and are designed to help operators recover the most value from their asset.

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