Sand Control Surface Equipment

Mitchell Industries provides surface mixing equipment and fluid filtration equipment for gravel packing and sand control operations. We maintain a dedicated fleet of trailer mounted gravel pack units for land jobs, as well as skid mounted units for offshore completions.

Gravel Pack Unit (GPU)

Our trailered gravel pack units are mounted on a custom gooseneck frame that is capable of hauling as much as two tons of gravel pack sand. These GPU’s are equipped with pressure pumping lines, crossovers and connections, air lines, manifolds, and flow meters. These self-contained units minimize our footprint on location, and significantly reduce additional equipment, transportation, and personnel expenses.

Fluid Filtration Unit

Mitchell Industries’ Dual Vessel Filter Units are reliable and cost-effective filtration equipment that remove solids from completion fluid, and help reduce the risk of formation plugging. Our dual pod units are skid mounted and provide connection points on two sides, making placement and installation very straight forward and easy. Each filter pod houses four pleated cellulose filter elements that are capable of providing filtration efficiency down to 2, 5, and 10 micron ranges. These units are equipped with pressure gauges, safety relief valves, air lines, and quick release swing away vessel lids.


  • Offers continuous filtration in series, parallel, and by-pass mode
  • Unit contains charge pump, hoses, and 3-4″ connections
  • Environmentally Safe (no contaminated fluids on the ground)
  • Superior filter elements
  • Economical operating costs


  • Gravel Packing fluids
  • Completion fluids
  • Water injection/disposal
  • Frac fluids
  • Produced water

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